Earning Money Writing About the Immorality of Psychiatric Coercion

Writing about why psychiatric abuse should be outlawed can potentially help accelerate the abolition of nonconsensual psychiatry. How to potentially earn money in the form of Bitcoin Cash for writing about why psychiatric coercion should be outlawed, and about your experiences with psychiatry is as follows.

Read.cash is a website that is a clone of Medium.com effectively. Both sites allow individual to post essays and articles, much like Reddit does, too. You can write essays and articles about why psychiatric coercion is morally wrong, and why psychiatric abuse should be outlawed. One can write about almost any topic at Read.cash.

If you want to post short form ideas about outlawing psychiatric coercion and potentially earn money in the form of Bitcoin Cash, then you can do so at Memo.cash. Memo.cash is a Twitter clone in which users can tip one another with Bitcoin Cash. You can post many sorts of ideas here, including about why nonconsensual psychiatry is wrong.

On Memo.cash and on Read.cash, you can write about your experiences with psychiatry, if you want to. Do not reveal private information that you want to keep private/confidential. However, if you want to write in terms of politics and philosophy about why nonconsensual psychiatry should be outlawed, it might be good. There are many ways to write about the immorality of nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric abuse.

Together we can eventually outlaw nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion. Writing about why this should happen is a way to potentially persuade more individuals in society to help outlaw psychiatric coercion, and to persuade politicians. Hopefully more individuals will read books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, and hopefully more individuals will help to outlaw psychiatric coercion.